What are georgette sarees?

Pure Georgette sarees are originally made from silk of highly twisted yarns and are usually expressive. Georgette is a lightweight and soft touch texture made up of exceptionally bent yarns. It was initially arranged utilizing silk yet bit by bit engineered yarns like rayon. They are found in solid colors and prints.

How to reuse old georgette sarees?

Old georgette sarees can used to make pretty table lining or curtains for a more traditional eastern décor. They work best if they are all a jaal weave saree or have motifs scattered in the body of the saree and two running borders on edges. You can use the pallu of the saree to make […]

Where to shop georgette sarees?

Mirra Clothing has a latest collection of georgette sarees such as Georgette sarees with zari work, Georgette Saree with Lucknowi Thread Work, Georgette Saree with Printed Florals, Semi Georgette with Antique Silver Zari Weaves and many more. The Georgette sarees price ranges from 3000 to 9000.

Which has a better fall, chiffon or Georgette?

Georgette fabric as well as chiffon fabric make the saree look flowing with stunning drops and feel like a princess. Georgette fabric is basically a weave which is a twisted yarn that gives a crumpled look, while chiffon looks more like a mesh type fabric which is quite translucent and soft to the touch. There […]

Is Georgette good for summer?

No matter what season it is, you can wear a Georgette saree in autumn, winter, spring and summer. The soft texture makes it delightful to wear and drape, particularly during the season of summer when everything else feels too hot.

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