What so special in chinnala pattu saree?

Chinnala pattu saree is so special beacuse chinnala pattu as its made from Banana fibre and its hand weaved. Manufacturing of banana fiber yarn is a painstaking process. A multi-step process requires skillful hands to create this brilliant yarn.

Where can I Buy chinnalam pattu sarees online?

Shop latest collection of chinnalam pattu sarees online from Mirra Clothig. We have a collection of variety of designs and colours such as Dark Purple Chinnalapattu Silk Saree with Handwoven Buttas, Blue Chinnalapattu Silk Saree with Handwoven Buttas, Copper Chinnalapattu Silk Saree with Handwoven Buttas and many more. The Chinnalapattu Silk Saree price starts from […]

Can we wash Pattu Sarees?

Yes, you can wash pattu sarees, but always wash your pattu sarees in cold water. For general washing, use a bucket of cold water and add a few drops of detergent to the water. Please use very mild detergent as strong chemicals can damage the saree. Alternatively, you can also use a baby shampoo as […]

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