What is Ajrakh Print?

Ajrakh is a block printed textile which is stock dyed using natural dyes. including indigo and madder. It is made in Kutch, Gujarat and stands out for its color – blue with red – and intricate geometric and floral designs. Its name is derived from “azarak”, “blue” in Arabic and Persian. Ajrak is an inheritance […]

What is ajrakh saree?

The saree made by using the Ajrakh hand block printing process is Ajrakh sarees. Ajrakh sarees are handcrafted in total harmony with the natural environment, where the sun, earth, animals, trees and rivers are part of its making. Each block printed color and pattern tells a story and is created by dyeing the fabric with […]

Where to Buy ajrakh silk saree online?

Mirra Clothing has a latest collection of block printed Ajrakh sarees Such as Dark Brown Modal Silk Saree with Ajrakh Hand Block Prints, Indigo Modal Silk Saree with Ajrakh Hand Block Prints, Maroon Modal Silk Saree with Ajrakh Hand Block Prints and many more. The Ajrakh sarees price starts from 5000 onwards

What is Ajrakh Modal silk sarees?

Exotic modal sarees speak a language of luxury, and it is a fabulous silk, which has great utility and is very light. Modal silk sarees are made from the wood fiber and are carefully treated to extract the pulp and create a “regenerated cellulose fiber”. It was once an art form, known only to a […]

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