What is Chanderi Silk saree?

Chanderi silk sarees are one of the finest and most luxurious silk sarees originating in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This city of Madya Pradesh is famous for its particular type of weaving, which is why for the Chanderi Silk Sarees weavers, this weaving is a main occupation for their livelihood. Chanderi silk fabric […]

How is Chanderi silk made?

India is traditionally the birthplace of the famous Chanderi sarees, known for the stylistic bootis and extraordinary yarns on fine silk and cotton weaves. The Chanderi silk saree is familiar for its mostly light to moderate hues in pleasing patterns and its most attractive feature – large booties. With simple to moderately ornate designs or […]

Where can I get chanderi silk sarees online?

Mirra Clothing has a fine and Luxurious collection of chanderi silk sarees at lowest price. Buy chanderi silk sarees online from Mirra Clothing. We have a collection of Unique chanderi sarees like Black Chanderi Silk Saree with Antique Gold Zari Weaves, Offwhite Chanderi Silk Saree with Zari Weaves and many more. The chanderi silk saree […]

Is chanderi sarees best wear for summer?

Chanderi sarees are best for summers as they are carried and lightweight due to which Chanderi is called “air weave”. This is so because the quality of the yarn used to weave the fabric is extra fine and ideal for summer! It is also available in bright colors and has a slight sheen to it […]

How to take care of chanderi sarees?

Make foldings of Chanderi sarees properly is one thing that should be the mantra and hanging them or keeping them safe. Never spray perfumes or deodorants directly on the saree as this will detract from the shine of the saree and zari. Wash Chanderi sarees with a mild detergent in cold water only. Dry the […]

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