How to identify jamdani sarees?

Jamdani is a weaving technique that uses extra weft to create a pattern. Each hand woven jamdani saree is made of warp and weft. In Jamdani, in addition to the first horizontal additional weft, an additional weft is introduced. This weft is then continued with the weave to create a pattern along the weave, so if you reverse a hand-woven Jamdani Saree you will immediately see the turn of the extra weft. Look at some of these pictures to know the real hand woven Jamdani sarees and compare them with the loom woven Jamdani sarees. Sometimes Jamdani weavers continue the extra weft down the length to create a pattern and then cut off the excess yarn by hand. This is called jamdani cutwork or extra weft weaving. So next time you’re shopping for Jamdani Sarees, don’t forget to turn around and check out the Saree weaving

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